Deep Sleep


As another year comes to an end, we look back at the good and the not so good. It’s a time to reflect on the state of our lives, world politics, and culture. A time when global awareness and collaboration is paramount. S P A C E ’s latest track “Deep Sleep”, the final track on their forth coming EP, is an exploration of endings and beginnings. An indie electronic lullaby that is equally an ode to death, and a message of rebirth.

Close your eyes and let the wavy bass synth, deep pads, and Afrobeat sweep you on a journey into the unknown. At the breakdown, a gentle piano sweeps in, and the voice of Alan Watts echoes, “Let’s suppose that you were able, every night, to dream any dream you want to dream. You would dream the dream of living the life that you are actually living today.” We will survive. Death and rebirth are essential parts of life.

“Deep Sleep” is an ambient instrumental with soaring U2 guitars reminiscent of The XX. It walks the delicate line between a shoe gazer and dance floor hit. The beat is infectious and uniquely captures their Future Indie Rock sound.